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Cracking the commercial code of COVID

Cracking the commercial code of COVID

The motivation behind the federal government’s mandatory code of conduct for landlords and tenants outlined last week sounds simple enough: to shelter both parties from the tidal wave of COVID-19-driven financial stress and place each in the best position to resume operating as normally as possible once the pandemic abates. Yet as the Commercial Tenancies Code framework unfolds  under different state legislatures, there are teething problems aplenty.

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Commercial leasing: Don

Commercial leasing: Don't be left in the dark

If you’ve ever reviewed a lease only to find yourself questioning the veracity of one or more of its clauses, you’re not alone. Chances are the parts of the contract you find most alarming pertain to auto-renewal and unlimited indemnity clauses along with variation of rental prices at the landlord’s discretion – all among the most common problems found within contracts, according to leading commercial law firm JHK Legal.

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