Pre-purchase and Pre-sale Valuations

At the time you are buying and selling a property, it's important to understand the local market to assist you in making an informed decision about the property and whether its right for your property portfolio.

Selling and purchasing commercial property is a huge leap especially if you are a first-time doing either. To help make your decision easier, why not hire the professionals to assess and value your property. Expert property valuation can assist you in understanding any local market factors you may not have considered, factors such as recent transactions, and an analysis of whether these trades would work in your favour. This information will help to inform and empower you to make positive strategic decisions about the sale or purchase of your property.

A valuation can help you with all types of property, residential, commercial, retail and many more. A property valuation experts can assist with a variety of services including strategic marketing advice to ensure that your property achieves its best potential and identify an accurate property market value assessment with a pre-purchase and pre-sale valuation.

What are pre-purchase or pre-sale valuations?

A pre-purchase or a pre-sale valuation provides a ball-park estimate of the value of your property taking all local market factors into consideration. This report should include a variety of market factors that contribute to the value of the property, such as market conditions, demand and supply of similar properties, economic conditions and other factors, which may have an impact on marketability, and ultimately the value of your property. A pre or post-purchase valuation should also include analysis of sales (of recent comparable properties in the surrounding area) to help determine how much someone would pay for your property.

Do you need a pre-purchase or a pre-sale valuation for your properties?

If you are purchasing or selling a commercial property, or selling any property, a tool that will help you identify marketable factors can be a huge benefit. An expert property valuation can provide you with the information necessary to make an independent and informed decision on the sale or purchase of a property you own or are interested in owning in the future.