Not everyone gets the chance to work from home, but for those lucky few it can be amazing for time management especially if you live far from your office.

After a little while, however, working from the home office can get a little dull. You feel like the romance of working as one of the pyjama gang has worn off, you miss office gossip, even office politics, you miss barista made coffee AND you would love someone else to make you a lunch.

Here are 10 handy tips to keep working from home fresh as...

Get the right gear

From laptops that are light to keyboards that are wireless, there are plenty of ways to make sure your tech is light and functional. Make sure you do your research and compare some of the top brands with some of the more affordable brands. Consider tablets that convert to computers and extra power for when you may be on the go.

Find a great chair

Be it swivel or armed, a great chair can make for a great day. With proper lumbar support, a chair can make your workday easier without back or neck pain.

Get elevated

Sitting is the new smoking, or so I have been told. So a great way to make sure that you aren’t chained to your desk doing undue damage to your back is to elevate your workstation with systems like Varidesk or the Ergotron. Having the option to sit or stand throughout the day will ensure that you get exercise and your spine stays healthy.

Get to your local Library or Café

Find whichever suits you best (and has free wifi) to change things up a bit. Try for a new space once every couple of weeks, there is nothing better than a change of view to help you get a new perspective on a difficult work problem.

Find a way to focus

Whether it’s a great Spotify playlist (hello “Gentle Acoustic” Playlist), your favourite Beatles album or a white noise machine; finding a way to drown out typical home noises can ensure you focus 100% on the task at hand.

Make Space

Make the space your own, don’t make the kitchen table your office. Make sure that you are in a separate space from the rest of the house. Keep the space clean and tidy but make it your own.


As the acronym says: “Keep It Simple Stupid”. From having a small cupboard for you to store all your work related files and printer that functions as a fax, scanner, and copier; keeping your workspace simple should be your main rule. Don’t buy too many pens, use the same notepad for all your scribbles and telephone notes, get a Moleskine to keep track of your projects and to do’s. A clear and minimal space will help keep your mind calm.

Bullet Journal

It may be old school but keeping a book for all your projects and to do’s allows you to see just what you have to get done and where you need to improve your productivity. This offline, analog system allows you to make finding things a breeze. Check out Bullet Journal for handy hints on how to manage your workload.

Keep it fresh

Besides keeping your space clean, why not add a few plants to keep the air clean too. Consider a desk plant like a Bromeliad or a Sansevieria (aka Mother-in-law’s Tongue) or for larger areas add a Fiddle -leaf Fig tree or a Yukka to the room to use as an air purifier. There are plenty of different plants for your home office with various uses.

Keep it natural

With the light in your home office, make sure you choose a room that has as much light as possible. Natural light is necessary for our health and wellbeing and we work more productively with natural light. Not only will it make you happier calmer and healthy it will help to regulate your mood but will also help you sleep better.