Everyone wants their teams communicating effectively, but how exactly do you achieve that?

One of the killers of effective communication is clutter. We’re not talking about too many papers on your desk, we’re talking digital inbox clutter. This is a problem all of us face. SaneBox to the rescue! This tool is especially good for cleaning a cluttered Gmail inbox. This adaptive technology learns your needs overtime, and you will teach it what is useful, important and what needs to be tossed in the bin.

This has been around as a business tool since its launch in 2004. It is a good tool to record meetings with multiple parties in multiple locations. With the rise of so many employees working from home or part time GoToMeeting will give you the chance to keep all parties communicating clearly. Meetings can be recorded and converted to MP4’s to use later.

Transcribe Meeting
Transcribe Meeting is an added tool to help turn your recorded GoToMeeting MP4 files and comments into typed notes with attributes to who spoke and actions required. It’s a quick and cheap tool that can make a meeting useful with notes and actions listed clearly and concisely.

Asana is a project management tool is fast becoming a popular team management tool. Its clean, intuitive and simple interface allows clarity of multiple projects, tasks and subtasks. The integration of a 'to do' list, a calendar and project boards will see your teams function on the same page. Each team member will know what tasks are important, what projects are on track and can communicate clearly with each and every task as is it being completed.

Do you need a communication tool that can include clients as well as your employees? Yammer is a great tool for you, your employees and clients to seamlessly communicate on projects and tasks. Keep up to date with blogs, calendars, social newsfeeds, file sharing and forums to better understand your business projects and outputs. If you are a consultant firm or similar you will find this tool extremely useful.

Igloo and Basecamp
If you are simply looking for a communication tool for your own staff consider both Igloo and Basecamp. These two tools are similar in their offering and allow for searchable communications on projects, tasks and project management. Both claim to help you gain better control and visibility over your business.