Our complete business startup list offers everything you need to identify, research, decide on and finalise before you start your own business. From starting with an idea to building a team, you will find a helpful list of resources to get your business out of your head and into the community.

What to do with your brilliant idea

Having a great idea can really energise you to open a new business. Many people may think that there is a certain mystique to starting a new business, but in fact there is less magic and a lot more logic to getting your business off the ground.

Our guide to starting your business idea goes through the steps needed to research your idea, form an entity, perform competitor analysis, set up your business finances and make a name for yourself.

Get yourself in order - Legals, Finance and Business Sense

How do revelations about a new product or service turn into a functioning business? Many people have no clue how to bridge the gap between new ideas to a fully-fledged business. The devil can be in the detail so making sure you have completed all your legal requirements, have a sound financial structure and a plan to promote and sell your business is a great start. Utilising our legals, fiance and business sense list will help to put your mind at ease and make a tough job and easy one.

From registering your business to creating a safe work environment for your staff, this list covers all the nitty-gritty details you may need to cover to get your business trading legally and financially secure.

When one person becomes many!

Creating, managing and encouraging your staff All businesses strive to be successful; success may come in many forms from a greater amount of sales to an expanded sales reach. As you sell more products or services and your customer base grows so too will the demands on your time. This is the perfect opportunity then to consider expanding your team from a one-man show to a fully-fledged team.

In our guide to managing your staff you will find how to grow your team, find the perfect staff members and prepare all the documentation to get them on-board. It also covers what HR requirements you must adhere to and how to promote your products with your sales and marketing teams. Growing your business slowly with the right people will throw your business into new territories. Managing staff is not a skill every entrepreneur has but with our checklist you can easily overcome all the red tape and see you team excel and your team go from strength to strength.

Finding your place

You may also be deciding whether to rent, buy or move into a serviced or shared office. We've provided a comprehensive article on the pros and cons of buying vs renting and also the main differences between a shared or serviced office, this is a great resource if your not sure where to start.