Full plans for the new Sydney Metro West line are now on public exhibition including the vision for both the stations and commercial precincts.

Sydney Metro West will link the Greater Parramatta area to the CBD, doubling rail capacity on the line and reducing travel time between the two centres to about 20 minutes.

Running between stations from Westmead to the CBD, Sydney Metro West is part of the Sydney Metro system - Australia’s biggest public transport project - that also includes the Sydney Metro Northwest and Sydney Metro City & Southwest lines. Work is already underway and about 10,000 direct and 70,000 indirect jobs are to be created during construction, according to NSW State government estimates.

Stations along the 24km line will be located at Westmead, Parramatta, Sydney Olympic Park, North Strathfield, Burwood North, Five Dock, The Bays, Pyrmont and Hunter Street in the CBD.

Future connections

A future rail connection is planned between Western Sydney Airport and the Sydney Metro West line. Until this is built, travelling the 41km from WSA to the Sydney CBD via train will require taking the new airport line to St Marys station and connecting to the existing public rail network.

Current plans have WSA connected to western Sydney via a new 23km line known as the Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport project. Stations along this new line are St Marys, Orchard Hills, Luddenham, two stations within the airport at the terminal and business park, and at the new Bradfield region and the commercial centre of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis in Bradfield.

Seizing opportunities

CEO of NSW’s Urban Taskforce Tom Forrest said linking the new airport to Sydney Metro West and the other major metro lines serving Sydney’s north and south would be essential for its commercial development.

Under the current plan, travelling by rail from the WSA terminal to Sydney’s CBD would take almost two hours and require changing trains several times he said.

“Airports are major drivers of commercial growth and the new airport will virtually become a mini-city as most modern airports tend to be,” Mr Forrest said.

“That means that the new Western Sydney Airport needs to be connected to Westmead (the Sydney Metro West line) so passengers can easily travel directly to and from the Sydney CBD. Metro connections are also needed to the south to Bankstown (to connect with the new Sydney Metro City & Southwest) and north to Tallawong (the westernmost station of the Metro North West Line).

“Doing so would make a significant contribution to opening new areas of commercial activity.

“At the moment the rail connections that are planned to be in existence when the airport is due to open in 2026 are only to western Sydney.”

Here are brief overviews of the vision for each precinct around the Sydney Metro West stations:

Westmead metro station

Vision for a health and education precinct plus new public plaza adjacent the station with commercial facilities.

Parramatta metro station

Substantial development planned for the precinct surrounding Parramatta station encompasses a new tower, another three over-station towers and above-ground infrastructure. The station will sit in the heart of the suburb on a block bounded by George Street, Macquarie Street, Church Street and Smith Street.

Sydney Olympic Park metro station

Already filled with office, retail and residential infrastructure, there is potential for two more commercial towers plus several mixed-use towers on four sites adjoining the new station, according to the plans.

North Strathfield metro station

Development of high amenity living developments. no additional space commercial projects.

Burwood North station 

High-density residential area and employment precinct

Five Dock metro station

This station and its precinct are seen as the hub of “a revitalised local centre” and the area’s night-time economy.

The Bays metro station

Major opportunity exists at this location. It offers one of the largest precincts and has potential as either public domain or to become the site of multiple developments. Plans have a future waterfront promenade flanking civic, retail and residential projects while a key component is the large parcel of land set to be rezoned, allowing for hotels, a cruise terminal and other mixed-use facilities.

Pyrmont metro station 

Another harbour-side precinct, its design calls for residential and retail developments and above-station towers of three to five storeys.

Hunter Street station

The CBD development is deemed the “landmark station that reinforces the commercial heart”. To go ahead, the precinct required the acquisition of 10 existing commercial and retail properties.