Finding the perfect staff member is a long journey. It starts from the first moment you realise you have a job to fill, all the way to inducting them into your business. It’s a marathon of effort but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be.

One easy step you can take to understand your potential staff better is to conduct some psychometric testing during the interviewing stage.

Having your staff complete psychometric testing will help you understand them and their drivers a little better. Psychometric testing is a standardized procedure used to measure sensitivity, memory, intelligence, aptitude and personality. Combine these test results with a phone or face-to-face interview and you will have a great chance to find the perfect staff member to fit your business needs.

Looking for some tests? We’ve road tested a few for you, so you can choose with confidence.

Myers Briggs (16 Personalities) – This online test claims to be a personality test to get "a freakishly accurate description of who you are and why you do the things the way you do." The test is free and takes about 15 minutes to complete. The results are lengthy but useful to understand how your staff will perform in their career or chosen job with a clear insight to their personality and emotional drivers.

Octogram – This test provides a work and leadership style test that shows the strengths of your potential employee. It will help you understand the work style of your new employee and will help them also understand the right choices to make for future job satisfaction.

Johari – This model is used to map personality awareness, it asks your potential employees to not only rate themselves by selecting 5 phrases that best describe them, but also asks friends and family to rate them too.

If you are not sure you can decipher the results yourself or want an even deeper investigation, why not call in the professionals. Caliper is Australia’s leading psychometric testing company with the results tailored to specific and in depth job skills. The Caliper profile is not just another personality test but "a recruitment and development tool for companies serious about achieving top results."

So, before you go with your gut in the interview, run your potential employees through these tests and services to help you hire with confidence.