Here at Commercial Property Guide, we have first hand experience with the wide range of ways that people advertise their properties. Knowing just how important it is to present a property in its best light, we invited Bobbie Cole from Top Snap to talk about what is involved to take your property marketing to the next level.

When it comes to presentation you only get one chance at a first impression. If your property has been sitting on the market longer than expected, maybe it's time to rethink your marketing strategy.

Good and bad examples of property photography Source: Top Snap

Does the above (left) image look all too familiar? Unfortunately, it's a common sight when scrolling through online listings. We spoke with Stephen Rose, Industry Marketing Manager at, and they believe there is a need for improvement in the way commercial properties are presented, with so many agents using smartphones to take 'quick snaps' of properties for online listings, and the results; well, they speak for themselves...

I recently spoke with Marlon Crawford, Industrial Executive Agent at Colliers International Gold Coast, to get some insight into how professional presentation enhances listings; he has found that:

"Those with professional photography and media definitely generate more enquiries than those without, and this, in turn would be a strong influence on the time that a property is on the market."

Using the right marketing tools when presenting your property is crucial for selling or leasing your property in the shortest possible time period. So what do commercial buyers and tenants look for in a property? And what tools can you use to make your property stand out?

Showcase Your Property's Location

Wide view of harbour and marina Source: Top Snap

The 'perfect location' is very different for each prospective buyer or tenant.

Do they need to be located close to public transport, or be able to offer off street parking? This is generally required for companies with a lot of staff or those that provide medical services.

Are there cafes and eateries nearby? Trends in increasing staff satisfaction and having 'happy' workplaces plays a large part in the majority of businesses today. Are there plenty of nearby places for people to be able to go and have lunch, coffee, or is there a park nearby where staff could enjoy their breaks?

Are they a company that also has warehouse/storage requirements for stock? Will their location be easily accessible and easy to find for trucks/delivery companies?

A great way to showcase a property's location is by using elevated, aerial or drone photography. It gives a great 'birds-eye' view of the property and its surrounding streets.

Reveal The Value Of Your Property

Another important aspect for potential buyers/tenants is the quality and age of the building and/or premises.

For example, is it newly built or recently refurbished/renovated? Does the property have lots of natural light and look fresh, modern/contemporary? These are attributes that make a property look and feel inviting, not just for the potential owner or tenant, but also for their staff and clients.

Unfortunately, the majority of smartphone photos can make places look small, dark and dingy. And, don't capture a properties full potential.

Services, Amenities and Size

There are many 'must-haves' for tenants and owners - for example; what are the Wi-Fi, Internet and data capabilities? What condition are the lifts in? Is the building air-conditioning capable of keeping offices cool that have specific cooling requirements - i.e. a lot of staff, or computers and servers that generate heat?

Does it have modern or at least usable amenities? Think bathrooms (are they an eyesore, or do they look like the could be on the cover of a magazine) and kitchens - having somewhere to prepare lunch and being able to have a coffee machine is an absolute must in today's offices - instant coffee is no longer acceptable.

Size and layout play a big part of the decision process for a prospective buyer or tenant, especially when it comes to fit out. Will internal walls need to be knocked down or put in? Are the floor and wall coverings adequate? Don't forget, as part of a tenants' lease, they need to 'make-good' at the end of a tenancy, so the less they have to do when moving in, the more attractive the property is.

Having detailed floor plans with measurements allows prospective owners or tenants figure out whether a property will fit their needs. Why not go a step further; interactive floor plans allow you to see where on the floor plan a photo was taken from?

Wouldn't it be great if they could purchase or lease without physically inspecting a property? Well it's now possible with Virtual Tours. Think about large multi-national companies that need to lease hundreds of premises across the country. Being able to use this service would save them time and thousands of dollars.

Surrounding Tenancies

External shot of an office building Source: Top Snap

The majority of owner-occupiers and tenants tend to look at properties in areas where surrounding businesses offer similar or complimentary services. Known as agglomeration, the underlying theory is that businesses can take advantage of being located close to one another. For example, the local bakery, butcher and green grocer all being close to each other.

Professional photographers have the ability to do great street-scape/panoramic shots that can show surrounding businesses in more detail (than say elevated or drone) to give prospective buyers and tenants a more detailed idea of the area's main industries.

Marketing commercial real estate is a very competitive activity. Every aspect of bringing a commercial property to market needs to be executed professionally. The visual showcasing of a listing's attractive qualities is perhaps the most important to get right.

Get in touch with Top Snap if you want to take your property marketing to the next level and find out more information.

Special thanks to Marlon Crawford, Industrial Executive Agent from Colliers International Gold Coast, QLD.