Setting goals is as easy as raising a glass on New Year's Eve and throwing promises up in the air. Statistically, 92% of all New Year’s resolutions fail within a few weeks. So we all know sticking to goals is a little harder than making them. Whatever is it you want to achieve in your personal or work life - staying on top of your schedule, learning a new skill or working on a health goal - it's not enough to just set them and think they are going to happen.

You need a plan. As they say, failing to plan is a plan to fail.

Luckily in our digital world, there are a bunch of online tools and apps that are created and designed to help people in identifying, and most importantly, achieving their goals. To help you achieve whatever you have set for yourself, we have found four of the most popular and widely used tools that will not only help you find and clarify your goals but successfully stick to them for the long term.

Hassle me
Do you need three alarms to wake up in the morning? Perhaps a little push to get individual tasks done? Maybe seeing the whole list of tasks you have can be overwhelming? If a gentle nudge helps you hustle better, then Hassle Me is the App for you. It will digitally nudge you to complete tasks or jobs and keep reminding you till it’s ticked off and done.

If you are trying to juggle a whole bunch of balls at once, Wunderlist is a great way to divide your tasks and set time to meet the tasks. Set meeting agendas and project plans; create a list for your shopping so you don't forget what you need; make a holiday or project list so you can easily write down ideas and make the time to research options and make bookings. Best thing is you can share the Wunderlist with your partner or colleagues to keep on top of it all.

Habit List
We're all told habits make the difference between professionals and amateurs. Habits are key to personal and life success. Good habits are sometimes hard to come by, so if you have goals to create and stick to then Habit List is a great app to help this happen. All within a beautiful interface, it'll help motivate you to stay focused and keep on track to kick those goals.

This app claims to close the gap between having a goal and achieving it. StickK achieves this by utilising a Commitment Contract, a binding agreement you sign with yourself to ensure that you follow through on your intentions. One great element that StickK uses is adding a value to the goal you have set yourself, plus you have the choice of sharing your goal with a referee who can monitor your progress. Accountability is the key here.

So there you have it. With any of these tools you'll be kicking goals in no time!