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We want to be more than just a commercial property portal. We want to provide you with the support and advice to help make the right decisions when it comes to commercial property.

Commercial Property Guide was established to offer an independent alternative to the commercial property sector. Our independence gives us the freedom to focus on capturing the best commercial properties without looking over our shoulder worrying what our competitors are doing. It also means that the properties we list and the advice we provide is 100% independent of any outside commercial interest.

We are committed to servicing the gap in the commercial property portal market. Namely:

  • we are keener on price
  • we specialise in commercial property - we haven't retro-fitted a residential property portal to fit commercial property. We understand the differences in the two and that is why we devote ourselves purely to the commercial market.
  • we are focused on service - our size enables us to have real relationships with our customers and the industry

Unlike many in the online world, we don't want to be 'faceless'. If you have a question or need some help, you can speak with somebody in our office. It's as easy as picking up the phone and calling 1300 360 080, or send us an email.

Simon Rose
Chief Executive Officer

Simon Rose - CEO of Commercial Property Guide Pty Ltd

Simon Rose is chief executive of Commercial Property Guide, an independent commercial property portal.

Simon and his father, Stephen, originally acquired Commercial Property Guide as a CRM system, rebuilding it and marketing this to the national commercial real estate industry. With a significant amount of listings acquired through their work with CRM agents, the Roses identified a gap in the market and launched Commercial Property Guide the portal.

Simon is also CEO of Rose Technology, a group of companies delivering digital communications solutions, whether it be online media, email marketing, catalogue management, call centre technology or software. Simon began in the dot-com industry in 1999 with carsales.com.au as the national dealer of sales.


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