Picture this, you've been looking online for the perfect property, then EUREKA, you found the one! It seems like the perfect property, the size is right, the price is perfect and it’ll be a great space for you to launch the next chapter of your business. Follow our guide below to make ensure that your online dream turns into reality.

Be like Santa

Make a list, and check it twice. What do you want from your new property, compare this list to what the property can deliver. A list could include the properties functional spaces like conference room, board room, cubicles vs open plan office, plenty of parking, showering facilities, warehouse, storage, kitchen facilities, reception area, security, IT room, natural light and access to outside areas.

What to look for

When you have a great property in mind it’s best to make sure that what is advertised meets the real thing. Print out your ad and make sure that everything listed is onsite. If it is not, speak to the agent about why it’s advertised and whether it will be included when the lease is made available.

Alarm bells

There are some major warning signs you should look out for:

Mould: Mould is one of the worst ones to look out for and can cause some harm to you and your staff.

Water: Look out for water stains in the kitchen or wet areas. Make sure you open the drawers and cabinets to make sure water has not made any of these swell.

Ceilings/Roofs: Consider sagging ceilings and roofs, it could mean there is water damage in the ceiling.

Cracks: Look in the building and also outside for small or large cracks, this could mean that the foundations are in some trouble which may cause damage to your equipment if it moves any more.

Rust: Look at window surrounds, door surrounds and guttering to see whether there are any signs of rust or damage.

Electrical: One of the most costly repairs is electrical work, keep your eye out for Exposed Electrical Equipment, cables hanging out from walls, lighting that may not be fixed properly to roofs and walls, power sockets hanging off walls. Ensure that any of these faults have no exposed or broken electrical wiring.

How to find a diamond in the rough

Often times commercial properties are advertised for a long stretch of time. This can mean that there is a difference between the initial photographs taken to advertise the property and the actual property due to the site being unused. If you have ticked off everything in your checklist AND made sure there are no alarm bells ringing, a property may still be right for you. Ensure that you speak with the landlord or agent to help prepare the property for use. In some cases a total refurbishment may be on offer and paid for by the agent/landlord.

How to say thanks, but no thanks

Did your new property not live up to your expectations. Don’t ever feel pressured by the agent to sign the contract, if it’s not right be strong enough to say thanks but no thanks. If you have a feeling that something isn’t working for you then ask the agent for time to think it over. If that feeling still doesn’t go away, make sure to call the agent the next day and let them know that you are not going to pursue the property further. There are hundreds of properties listed in australia as available. If this one is not right, a better one is right round the corner.