When you are setting up a new business or considering a move into a new space you will need to ask yourself "how much space will I need to run my business effectively"?

One size does not fit all

It seems like an obvious question to answer but consider what you need your new office space for. What sort of space do you need to run your business effectively: Open plan, cubicles, shared space, a whole building or a whole floor? Your business generally, will dictate the type of office space you need.

Fit out

Commercial leasing needs to be a medium to long term decision so when you look at new locations you need to work out what investment you make in the fit-out of your location. You don’t want to sink too much cash in the beginning as cash flow is important to keep a business running day to day. There is generally an ebb and flow to business and your office space may need to move and change with you also.

The wish list

As an employer you may want to contemplate providing your staff with amenities that may help to make you an employer of choice. So the space you look for may need to include added extras like bike racks, shower facilities, 5 star energy rating, and open plan offices, just to name a few.


When you are looking at a building or office space, you’ll need to know how many staff you will be moving into the space. Find out the total useable floor area and divide that by the number of employees. To ensure you are up to the Building Code of Australia you are required to have a minimum of 10 sqm per person. This is ideal square meters for a call centre, for example, however for other offices which need staff to have more technology, paperwork, or a larger desk space then consider a larger square footage per person such as 14 to 20 Sqm to accommodate the larger desks and technology requirements.

Other considerations and questions you may want to ask yourself include:

  • Will you require a reception space to welcome customers?
  • What type of employees will be moving into the space? Will they be coming and going from the office through the day or in the office 9 to 5?
  • Will you need parking access 24/7?
  • Do you need ground floor access for foot traffic?
  • Where is your business heading in the future?
  • Will you need to plan for growth in staff numbers or is your business stable and not planning on increasing headcount?
  • What technology allowances are in place and are these flexible for future growth?