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5 Large Land Blocks for Lease- Oakes Estate

Lot 1-5 44 Railway Street, Oaks Estate, ACT 2620

Oaks Estae is located close to Canberra Ave, and both the Beard and Queanbeyan NSW. Offers good access to Yass Road and Canberra Ave.
Land for Lease- 44 Railway Street, Oaks Estate
Five large land parcels in a well-located area at the corner of Railway Street and Oaks Estate Road and on the edge of Queanbeyan. The land is classified for "Rural' and 'River Corridor" use.
This is a hard stand block and was recently built up an additional 2 meters in height, to sit at the same height as the road.
It provides hardstand land area with good truck access and is close to Canberra Avenue and Yass Road.
Suitable Uses:
Agriculture, Outdoor recreation, Stock/sale yard, land management facility, camping Communications, demolition, farm.
Available As:
- Block 1: 4,219m2
- Block 2: 3,090m2
- Block 3: 1,830m2
- Block 4: 1,430m2
- Block 5: 1,430m2
** Contact: David Grimmond - 0406 376 697
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For Lease

$25 p.a.

David Grimmond