The Commercial Property Guide Asking Price Index (API) is our tracking of the monthly change in vendor sentiment towards commercial rental properties advertised in Australia. We've made this data available exclusively to selected individuals and organisations to use for reporting on commercial real estate market insights and trend predictions.


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About the Asking Price Index:

Commercial Real Estate lease asking prices for each suburb are used to compile the Asking Price Index. The data is updated each weekend.

The Asking Price Index brings together the collective action of hundreds of commercial real estate agents across Australia. The Index is the whole industry's opinion as to the future direction of commercial real estate price movements. It is a measurement of the change in sentiment of experienced and expert agents who have made tens of thousands of marketing decisions as to the future direction of commercial property leases. Each week rental prices per square metre are aggregated for each suburb into regions. The current asking rental amounts are compared to those of three months ago. Weekly changes measured over that quarterly period are averaged on a monthly basis and presented as the Asking Price Index.

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